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A Private Master Class with Vancouver's Leading
Balayage and Corrections Colourist.


# H A I R B Y N A M R O O D








When Sarah was first starting out, there were no classes available which taught the modern techniques and patterns her clients were asking for. In trying to find a solution for this dilemma, Sarah is now incredibly excited to offer this class that she has long dreamt of and perfected. Throughout her career, Sarah has created a set of custom patterns that have become her hair colouring essentials. These patterns are not only incredibly simple and easy to learn, but will also completely advance any stylist’s skill level so that they will be able to provide high quality hair colour execution for all clients. With all the different colouring techniques out there, it can be very overwhelming for any stylist, the same way it was for Sarah when she first started, and with this class, Sarah will show you in depth how to perform a bulletproof service.

With this class you can expect to get your colour-palette cleansed and your hands wet while enjoying every minute of this 1- DAY intensive. Guided by Sarah, each student will have the opportunity to listen, learn, cut, colour, and style in a private setting! Here Sarah will teach you the tools and techniques necessary to create beautiful colour with confidence. You will leave ready to cater to the higher expectations that come with being a master colourist. 

The skills acquired under Sarah's instruction will also allow stylists to charge their worth. Stylists will be able to effectively educate clients on the entire hair colouring process, describing the “how” and the “why” behind each service - from the amount of time to the amount of product each session requires, and understanding the approaches when they are done the correct way. 


This is an amazing ONE OF A KIND opportunity that will provide you with skills that you will carry with you for the rest of your career! 




This class is recommended for ALL stylists of any level as this class is geared towards all levels of colourists and hairstylists looking to improve their technique. Here you will learn the two essential patterns and their respective methods that will help you approach colour correction cases with confidence. Students will work alongside Sarah and learn a series of fundamental skills while working with a professional mannequin head. This is excellent for stylists who truly want to master cutting, styling, colour theory, and advanced colour application techniques. Instruction is100% hands-on for students while Sarah provides step-by-step approaches to understanding and executing her master-level ombré/balayage techniques. This class provides an uninterrupted session between teacher and student, free of client restraints, while allowing you to take your time to ask questions and truly master every step. This is the ULTIMATE package! You will perfect your technique, develop a solid and efficient workflow, and learn the secrets of being a master colourist! 


Classes will run from 10 AM to 8 PM the day of at the HAIRBYNAMROOD Salon. 

Maximum two students per class. 





Client Constulation Development

Client - Hair Specificity

Toning & Filling Process and Methods

Colour and Colour Wheel Theory

Tube Colour Number Literacy

HAIRBYNAMROOD Colouring Patterns and Methods (Ombré Teasing & Rooty Highlights & Balayge)

Blow Out & Styling Routines





Sarah will guide you through every step of her workflow so you will not only understand the “how” but also the “why.” By the end of your session, you will leave inspired and - most importantly - eager to get back to your salon to put your new skills to use! 


Sarah will teach a highly specialized session covering:

I. An Introduction to Tips & Tricks for Toning & Colouring 

Be ready to take notes on effective techniques that help transform any hair correction service into awesome colour! Colour lines Sarah uses will be based on what she currently carries and they are as follows: Kenra Professional, Wella, and Joico.


II. The  HAIRBYNAMROOD "Teasing Method"

  • Students will recieve instruction on the "Teasing Method" Sarah uses for ombré and balayage services. Students will also explore this method in relation to funky colour ombré while focusing on different colour and root & tip combinations.


  • Students will then begin with instruction for the HAIRBYNAMROOD TECHNIQUE No. 1. They will apply the Ombré/Balayage "Teasing Method" to achieve a Blonde Ombre with multidimensions - an incredibly popular pattern in the salon. 

  • Here, students will learn to bring a solid colour on a professional mannequin to a Blonde Ombre from start to finish.

  • Students will then learn to do this by also using the "Colour Melt Transition Method.” 

  • Students will learn to be able to take their clients' hair from a subtle tone to brighter and lighter multi-dimensional hair.

  • Students will also learn how to apply this technique with different colour combinations by learning about Dark-Medium-Light tones.


  • Students will learn how to provide one of the most popular celebrity looks of the season - the “Colour Melt Transition” *A super unique and popular colouring technique*

  • Here students will learn Sarah's perfected "Rooty Melted Highlight/Ombré Pattern."


V. HAIRBYNAMROOD TECHNIQUE: Signature Haircut & Styling

  • Finally, students will recieve in struction on HAIRBYNAMROOD's Signature Haircut to compliment the perfect ombré.

  • Since students will be doing two different colour patterns, they will also learn different ways of styling hair from Victoria’s Secret inspired curls to sexy beach waves.

  • Here students will also learn about Sarah’s style perfecting techniques: her quick and easy blowout method and signature curling method.




  • Sundays & Mondays only

  • 10 AM - 8 PM

  • Class sizes are restricted to 2 students to ensure plenty of time for you to observe, ask questions and receive feedback from Sarah




  • A one-on-one salon experience with intimate classes being held in Sarah’s private salon: HairbyNamrood [#101-1675 Hornby St., Vancouver, BC]

  • All necessary supplies will be available at the salon the day of (with the exception of scissors )

  • Lunch, snacks and water between colouring and styling sessions

  • A professional mannequin head students can take home

  • An instructional binder will be given to students at the start of class

  • A certificate of completion of HAIRBYNAMROOD's Master Class





The fee for this one day class is $1500 CAD. This $1500 fee is required at the time of registration. Class fees are non-refundable. Should you need to cancel your registration due to extenuating circumstances, your fee may be deferred to the next class offering.





If your need more information, let’s talk! Please email hairbynamrood@gmail.com 


To register for a private session or to inquire about bringing HAIRBYNAMROOD to your salon, please email inquirires@hairbynamrood.ca - *Special rates may be applied*


To register for this HAIRBYNAMROOD Master Class: Intro To Balayage, please click the button below and follow the instructions for a successful registration!

HAIRBYNAMROOD Master Classes are created to provide theoretical and technical instruction for hair colouring and styling. HAIRBYNAMROOD is working on offering specialized classes that give you the option to select the type of training you are really interested in. To inquire on dates please register your info below. 


Students will be given mandatory and non-negotiable waiver and disclaimer forms at the start of their class. It will be accompanied with an instructional binder. Students must sign these forms before HAIRBYNAMROOD instruction can begin. With this introductory course offering, we are very excited for everyone who will be able to take away these HAIRBYNAMROOD basics to practice and develop on their own. Although we cannot guarantee immediate success, we know that with dedication and hard work you will succeed!



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