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Sarah Namrood is the owner of HairbyNamrood Salon. After 3 years of building her brand and clientele, Sarah has decided to step down as a stylist and pursue her passion for inspiring and mentoring other stylists. Sarah now teaches Private Master Classes out of her Salon 2 days a week, and has 2 Senior Stylists that take clients from Tuesdays-Saturdays.


Sarah has had a passion for hair since she was 7 years old. Even at this very young age, Sarah knew that she was meant to be a hairstylist and that nothing else would make her happy unless she followed her heart.


The best decision Sarah ever made was choosing to attend hair school to pursue her passion and make her dreams come true. She attended a local hair school in May of 2012 for six months and within three months she was given the chance to work at the salon of the hair school as a Junior Stylist. As a result of Sarah’s fierce dedication and refined skillset in the salon, she was given the opportunity to teach within four months of graduation at the very same hair school she graduated from. She worked tirelessly ensuring she was consistently fully booked and maintained a very high standard of execution and patience. By listening and prioritizing her client’s requests, Sarah ensured that her clients always left the salon with a smile. Through her dedication and desire for all things hair, Sarah quickly became a Senior Stylist.


Sarah owes a great deal of her success to her discovery of the social media platform, Instagram. She recognized the potential for this new and innovative way to brand and market herself through sharing her work on Instagram for others to see. By focusing on social media marketing, Sarah was able to build a large following that allowed her to fully book six months worth of appointments within one year of graduating hair school. Social media marketing has created a way for Sarah to connect with many Instagram users in Vancouver and around the world, ultimately helping her build a large fan following and amazing clientele.

Thankful for her experience after one year at her very first salon as a full-time stylist, Sarah knew she had to find her next challenge. Sarah decided to go solo in December of 2013 and rented a chair for six months at another salon. Within this 
time, she became a very well known Colour Correction & Balayage Stylist in Vancouver, BC.


Sarah outgrew her challenges as a stylist working out of another salon very quickly and decided it was time for her next chapter in life. She decided to open her very own hair studio by the water in Downtown Vancouver in August of 2014. This was Sarah’s dream ever since she was a little girl and it finally came true.


Sarah is known for doing some of the best balayage and colour corrections in the city. As a result, she is booked mainly for balayage and colour correction services. Rest assured, Sarah can certainly do it all!


Since launching her career, Sarah has worked with some of the top local bloggers & YouTube sensations. She has also worked with Ioulia Reynolds of the Real Housewives of Vancouver to Janice Joosetema, a local international model and blogger. Sarah has traveled to Los Angeles multiple times to attend some of the top Beauty events and to work with Anastasia Karanikloaou, best friend of Kylie Jenner and international model, Yovanna Ventura. Since then Sarah has worked with local Vancouver business mavens and bloggers such as Stephanie, owner of SLMissGlam, Laura Reid, Brittany Marie, Ciara Rose, and Mikayla Greenwood. From her classic natural balayage colours to silvers, pinks, and blues, Sarah's techniques have achieved each of these girls' desired looks! Through working with these girls, Sarah is able to mix in fun and experimentation with her techniques.


Thank you for reading about my journey and getting to know a little more about me! I appreciate and love you all!


Vancouver Based Master Colourist & Stylist, 24

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